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The medical release form is below.  Please submit a new one each calendar year.

 Email us if you have any questions!  Also~ if you have a team or group that would like their own class, we can offer that to you as well with additional discounts for the more participants that you have.  



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Jalan Balai Besar Kiri 1, 23000 Kuala Dungun, Terengganu, Malaysia

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Everyday: 4am-11pm

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*Please EMAIL (best option) to set up an appt. to tour our facility, during staffed hours we may be teaching or training. [email protected]


I like the variety in classes offered and equipment available at The Pulse. It challenges my body in different ways and I never get bored! Meeting new people and establishing friendships is a wonderful benefit when exercising. I appreciate the promotion of fitness for all age ranges and gender with the emphasis on adapting workouts to everyone’s abilities and goals. I love the bright colors, welcoming environment, expanded hours with keyless entry, and opportunity to read my favorite magazines. For a small town fitness studio, we sure do get a lot of workout options for a reasonable fee compared to the Cities. Lucky us!!! K.Bach