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Class Schedule

May 2019IMG_1803What fun!  We always have a painfully good time in our classes  :)  Come join & you’ll see why!


Class Descriptions below.  Some classes may not be on the current schedule.

Bootcamp**- 60+m.  Get your cardio and strength in a full body conditioning workout.  We will include a variety of equipment, mobility, strength components, HIIT segments and more!  Our most demanding class, but modifications will be given for anyone.  Let’s go!!!

Kickboxing*-30m. Punch, kcik and block your way through a fun and challenging cardio workout that blends elements of martial arts, boxing and floor moves in easy to follow combinations, set to music with a strong beat. Weighted gloves provided (optional).

CardioPump*-60m. This class starts with a little kickboxing then goes into some strength & interval training.  Good full body workout.

Cross Training*/**- 45 minutes. A great workout that varies from week to week.  Always included are mobility, strength, various cardio exercises, and high intensity (although you can stay at your level) segments.  A good class to get it all in!

Instructors choice*- a 60 minute workout that includes a mix of cardio, strength, core and stretching.  A great full body workout!

TRX strength+* 30m- using the TRX and maybe some wts. or kettle bells, you’ll get a great strength workout to start your day~ there may be some cardio sprinkled in there!

TRX mobility & flexibility*- get stretched out and prevent injury with some great flexibility moves using the TRX.  All levels.

Get Leggy*-15m. A quick leg class to strengthen your gluten, hammies, and quads!  burn baby burn!

Pilates* 40min- a wonderful class that will strengthen and lengthen your working muscles. Focus is on strengthening your core and increasing mobility and the flexibility in your spine.

Step**30m- using the good ‘ol fashion step here, this class is based on choreography but also throws some drills in there for a great cardio workout.

There is no sign-up for any classes except Kettlebell, they are first come first serve as far as spots go and equipment available.  Please be on time for classes!  This is important for proper warm-up and also to eliminate distraction to those who have started class.  Thanks!!!


Tabata—-A format of high intensity interval training (HIIT) named after Dr. Izumi Tabata, who developed the technique for the Japanese speed skating team.  Each “Tabata” is 8 sets of 20 seconds of maximum effort work followed by 10 seconds of recovery.  Each class will begin with a 5 minute warm up and end with a 5 minute cool down.  Benefits of Tabata include improved aerobic capacity, improved anaerobic capacity, improved body composition, increased metabolic rate, and reduced training time.

Look here for the new schedule and class descriptions.  Thank you for being patient while we re-build the website!

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I like the variety in classes offered and equipment available at The Pulse. It challenges my body in different ways and I never get bored! Meeting new people and establishing friendships is a wonderful benefit when exercising. I appreciate the promotion of fitness for all age ranges and gender with the emphasis on adapting workouts to everyone’s abilities and goals. I love the bright colors, welcoming environment, expanded hours with keyless entry, and opportunity to read my favorite magazines. For a small town fitness studio, we sure do get a lot of workout options for a reasonable fee compared to the Cities. Lucky us!!! K.Bach