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Thanks for visiting The Pulse website!  We hope you find all of the information you are looking for.  Are you interested in a tour to see what we have to offer?  Please contact us for an appt. by email – [email protected]

Get yourself to the next level at the Pulse.  Make achievable goals and GET THERE! Maybe your “next level” is to be more flexible, or gain better posture…maybe to run again or farther, or why not get stronger? Try some Personal Training or take some classes.  Maybe do a Pulse Challenge!  Have questions?  Ask!  We are here to help.

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Wanting or needing some motivation?  Come join us in our classes!  Why? 1. time flies by!  2. we’re going through it (the work) together!  3. the workout is programmed for you, just show up!  4. everyone keeps you going!

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thanksgivingclass Looking for CrossFit?  Look for our Facebook page- St. Peter Emporium Crossfit   

We are here for you!

The Pulse has been operation since 2007.  The retention rate of our membership is over 90%! Why?  Because we are here for you.  Our classes are always being updated to keep things fresh and new.  Some of our newest offerings are  Power Surge (includes TRX, Med. balls, Ropes and more), TRX Flexibility & mobility, Bootcamp and Core.  We have a community here that you will have a hard time finding at another gym.  We support each other and cheer each other on!  Need a running group?  We have one.  Are you a beginner?  We’ll take care of you.  An athlete?  Come check out how we can challenge you!  Do you need to become more flexible?  We have a few classes that will hit that!  Not a member yet?  We now have Punch Cards. The punch cards offer 5 classes for $45.  OR, buy a one month unlimited membership for $50 to get more bang for your buck!  Email us today to set up a time to tour our facility.
New member hours are 4am-11pm all week long.  Office hours vary during the week, it’s best to email for an appt. to take a tour of the facility.
We now have Medica, Health Partners, PreferredOne and the Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance reimbursement programs.

This is where we have fun being healthy, fit, and strong.

Congrats Women Run the Cities runners!  What a great race in 2013!

Nice job Halloween participants!  Here are a few we found before the run-

Freedom Fun Run 2013 Results 2013.8k.results Freedom Run 5k.2013

Christmas Eve class 2012. Nice job people!


Pictures of some of our Pulse Runners!!!

Awesome Halloween Fun Run everyone!  Great pictures on the Gallery page, click and check them out.  What a fun morning!

Great Group! There were more floating around somewhere…

  Nice job at Women Run the Cities!  Everyone did great and had a great day!  Woo hoo! Thanks to all who participated in Paddle Boarding and our Track & Field day!  Way to go!  More photos in the Gallery.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding- getting the “low down”.


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I like the variety in classes offered and equipment available at The Pulse. It challenges my body in different ways and I never get bored! Meeting new people and establishing friendships is a wonderful benefit when exercising. I appreciate the promotion of fitness for all age ranges and gender with the emphasis on adapting workouts to everyone’s abilities and goals. I love the bright colors, welcoming environment, expanded hours with keyless entry, and opportunity to read my favorite magazines. For a small town fitness studio, we sure do get a lot of workout options for a reasonable fee compared to the Cities. Lucky us!!! K.Bach